A tested CRM system for comprehensive marketing and sales management

Discover new opportunities for your organization by connecting people, data and processes using Microsoft Dynamics 365 — smart business applications that will help you manage your business and build even better customer relationships.

What is
Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a relationship management system that will help you to improve the communication process with your clients. It is an integrated, data-based tool designed to manage and maintain customer relationships, research their commitment and analyse sales processes in your company.



The CRM Dynamics 365 solution

streamlines processes and increases profitability in the sales, marketing and service departments. Dynamics 365 is a multidimensional platform that stores the most important data for the development, improvement and maintenance of relationships with customers.

Running a business is not an easy task. When marketing campaigns, data analysis, business meetings, customer service and many more take place simultaneously, you need a good CRM solution that allows you to organize and control all tasks. Dynamics 365 offers full CRM functionality through five separate applications that work very well together:




Customer Service

Field Service

Project Service Automation




This solution allows you to use a specific tool that is proper for your industry at any given time, and to add further as your needs grow. Thanks to its functionality, Dynamics 365 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) makes work with business partners and clients easier.





a centralized database of information about customers

automation of marketing processes

business analysis (business intelligence)

efficient communication and customer service


registration of reported problems in the system as a case

project management

integration with Outlook

registration of activities with clients, e-mails and telephone conversations

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