A functional cloud platform for your company

Increase the efficiency of processes in your company without high capital expenditures. Microsoft Azure is a flexible and safe cloud platform that allows you to store all the data, applications and programs that your company uses on a daily basis.

What is
Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an open cloud based platform which infrastructure allows for efficient creation, implementation and management of solutions within the Microsoft data center network. Azure offers a wide range of services, thanks to which it provides all the elements necessary to create, implement and manage applications without the need to invest in company’s own servers. Numerous technical procedures ensure full security of stored data. The decision connected with the transition to Azure is a step towards the digital transformation of your company.




The Azure platform supports a huge number of components – from Windows to Linux, from SQL Server to Oracle, from C # to Java. In addition, Microsoft's Cloud Computing model is offered in the most popular areas, like for example IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). A part of Microsoft which is responsible for maintaining data centers – Microsoft Global Fundation Services – also maintains Azure.

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