Create applications
tailored to your needs

Adjust solutions to your requirements. Have access to specific information. Work offline and synchronize data when you establish an internet connection.

ANVEO - Microsoft Dynamics NAV
at your fingertips

Anveo is a toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners to create web applications that work with the ERP system. Thanks to this, we can create applications for our own needs and have access to the most important data from the level of the mobile device, even when we are offline (after the connection is established, the data is updated).


Anveo Web Portal

Provide access to the system for your employees, suppliers and business partners by creating a dedicated portal based on a web browser


Anveo Mobile App

Increase the productivity of your sales teams and service technicians by providing them access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV via mobile devices


Anveo EDI Connect

Connect electronically with your business partners to improve the flow of documents and information in Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Examples of applications

Sales from a mobile device

Create offers and orders, get access to customer information, inventory levels and make meeting reports

Access data from anywhere

Supplement, control and check your data while you are outside the company. Lack of Internet connection is no longer a problem

Data exchange

Share data with your suppliers about order processing, availability of goods or delivery notes

Technicians activity

Get access to your to-do list, enter important data - business hours or delegation costs


Customize the application interface to your needs - select only the Microsoft Dynamics NAV commands and actions that you use the most

Mobile CRM

Create interactions and activities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV




ANVEO Mobile App, ANVEO Web Portal and ANVEO EDI Connect are additions that are 100% integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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