N24 Advanced Journals

This solution allows you to set default fields in log rows, which are left blank by default. So there is no need to manually complete each line in the journal.

domyślne ustawienia dzienników Dynamics 365 Business central
Kolejki zleceń Dynamics

N24 advanced journal settings for Microsoft Business Central


This solution is intended for users who enter and book transactions using the Inventory Journal, or Order Journal in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Key Benefits

  • Time saving - Auto data entry to the Inventory Log and the Order Log allows you to reduce the need to manually complete fields, that remain unfilled as standard.​
  • Minimise the risk of mistakes by reducing the number of potential errors resulting from the incorrect assignment of accounting parameters. This is essential for posting journal transactions to the general ledger.
  • Improve work comfort - facilitate the selection of appropriate parameters by selecting a specific log template.​
Domyślne ustawienia dziennikow w systemie Dynamics 365 Business Central

Example of N24 Advanced Journals functions

Possibility of defining any number of templates for default values ​​of the Main Economic Accounting Group and global dimensions (Dimension 1, Dimension 2), which will be assigned to all lines entered into the Journal by default.

Appropriately defining Journal templates, with an unambiguous description of the purpose of a given template, and assigning default values ​​using "Default Journal Settings" makes it easier for users to select the appropriate Journal template and reduces the possibility of errors caused by incorrectly assigning values ​​of the Main Economic Accounting Group and global dimensions.


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