You know about your business, we know about technology From prototype to a ready-to-use application with the following features:
  • Base your business decisions on real data
  • Your data will be in a central, secure environment
  • Automate manual and repetitive activities
    All in just a few weeks!

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As your organisation expands, standardisation becomes a necessity

Microsoft Power Apps business applications allow you to reduce the cost of entering information - by eliminating time-consuming data collection processes that are currently carried out traditionally (i.e on pieces of paper or in manual journals, etc).

Microsoft technology empowers employees with the ability to focus on what is really important for your business. Power Apps is part of the Power Platform family of products, which includes Power BI, Power Automate, Power Pages. These are cloud based solutions that allow you to analyse data and automate processes.
Power Apps are an integral part of the Microsoft 365 suite you already use!

Information in one place

The recorded data will be located in a secure Microsoft ecosystem which is easily accessible by the registered user.

Protect your "Know-How"

You will be able to focus on making decisions, rather than wondering how your employees generate and store your valuable information.

Immediate access to data

There will be no need to wait for your employees to provide the company with key information. Data recorded through Power Apps will be immediately available for analysis.

User friendly working environment

Power Apps is a natural part of Microsoft 365. Your employees will have access to the full Microsoft suite, e.g. directly in Microsoft Teams - using the same credentials.

How is Power Apps deployed into a business


During a free online consultation, the emphasis will be placed on learning as much as possible about your problem, with the goal of helping you get more out of using Microsoft tools.


We will recommend a solution tailored to your business needs. A concept and action plan will be proposed.


The implementation will be carried out by a Microsoft Business Applications Architect, who will provide a time estimation for the application to be created


Nav24 Architects will help your organisation achieve ambitious business goals by providing support, recommendations and further implementation services.

Implementation example: An application for registering and accepting internal orders

What was the situation in the company before the implementation of the application:

All employees created orders using one Excel file saved on a server.
The acceptance process required the completion of a cell in Excel.
Employees registered orders in various ways, often after the fact, which caused errors and prevented analysis and order fulfillment from being carried out.
The data was not protected against deletion or modification.
aplikacje biznesowe power apps microsoft

What has changed after the deployment of Power Apps?

All data is in one secure database with full reporting capability.
The automated approval process, along with reminders regarding unaccepted applications, significantly shortened the time of order fulfillment.
The application prevents the posting of data that does not comply with the adopted standard.
Controlled access to the application through Microsoft 365, and the ability to assign different levels of permissions, secures data.
The application is available via Microsoft Teams, a web browser and mobile devices. In addition, each user group has its own personalized views.
The order fulfillment process has been significantly shortened, and data entry errors have been eliminated almost to zero.
aplikacja do zamówień wewnętrznych

What was the cost and implementation time of the application?

Implementation duration: 10 working days

Technology used Power Apps and Power Automate

Number of users: 20

Cost of licensing: £97 per month

Application development cost: £3,000 net

koszty wdrożenia

Examples of how your business can benefit from implementing Power Apps

zarządzanie projektami
Project Management

Obtaining records of investments along with time recording functionality on projects.

Kontrola zlecenia produkcyjnego Dynamics 365 Business Central
Production Management

Registering data on the progress of production, shortages/downtimes and quality control.

Firma Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Warehouse Management

Verification of delivery discrepancies, records of issued packaging and shipment prioritisation.

Zarządzanie zamówieniami sprzedaży i zakupu
Sales Management

Customer relationship management, registration of business activities and employee bonuses, product configurator (including production costs).

zarządzanie zapasami
Purchase Management

Execution of enquiries to multiple suppliers, evaluation of suppliers using defined criteria, internal orders along with the acceptance of applications and budget control.

łatwość integracji Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Administration and HR

Recording mileage of company cars, reserving company resources, archiving contracts, entering and accepting requests and procedures, recruitment and onboarding processes.

What is the approximate cost of implementation and licensing?

From £2,000 to £8,000
One time payment

Implementation cost depends on the complexity of the application. Typically, the cost will not exceed £8,000.

£20.00 per month
Monthly cost

The cost of a monthly Microsoft license for the first user.

£5.00 per Month
Monthly cost

The cost of a monthly Microsoft license for each subsequent user.

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