Production Management

Streamline the planning and management of your production processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The possibility of defining product structures and technological processes allows for the handling of simple or more complex, multi-level production BOMs, and MRP parameters to automate the planning of semi-finished products and raw materials needed for the production process.

In addition, parallel to the material structure (BOM), Business Central offers the possibility of defining the operations of the technological processes with the use of cells and workstations, taking into account: changeover, unit and other auxiliary times. The mechanism for settling the costs of a production order in the general ledger with support for the work in progress, allows for a precise valuation of the actual cost of production and selling costs.

Production Schedule planowanie  i harmonogramowanie produkcji

Production and Assembly Management
in Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Define multi-level product structures in production BOMs;
  • Calculate the cost of production based on the cost of parts, labour and subcontractors;
  • Plan capacity availability based on calendars and planned downtimes;
  • Plan production based on product demand forecasts;
  • Plan order and stock production.
  • Automatically generate production orders, taking into account the order statuses: Planned, Confirmed, Released;
  • Control the consumption of materials and semi-finished products in production orders;
  • Automate the registration of component consumption and production capacity time by the methods: „Forward-Flashing” and „Backward-Flashing”;
  • Register subcontractor services for selected operations of a production order.

The functionality of the Production and Picking Management Module

  • Product Structure - BOM and Production Routing;
  • Production orders - single and multi-line;
  • Warehouse production planning, order taking into account forecasts;
  • Demand planning for MRP components;
  • Planning of production capacity - nests and workstations;
  • Management of subcontractor services;
  • Availability management including calendars and downtime planning;
  • Ability to integrate with GANTT / APS scheduling tools;
  • Settlement of production costs and calculation of works in progress (RWT).
Produkcja BC marszruta dynmia

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