Microsoft 365, formerly known as Microsoft Office, is a suite of productivity tools that many of us rely on in our daily work. However, even frequent users often make basic mistakes when using these tools. In this article, we will highlight five common errors that you may be making while working with Microsoft 365.

OneDrive vs. SharePoint: Where to Store Your Documents?

Both OneDrive and SharePoint are part of the Microsoft 365 suite and serve as file storage solutions. So, what's the difference between them, and when should you use one over the other? The answer lies in their names. OneDrive is designed for individual use and serves as a personal storage space for files you work on alone. On the other hand, SharePoint is intended for sharing documents. When collaborating in teams, it's advisable to save files in SharePoint.

Neglecting Microsoft 365's Built-in Security Features

Did you know that Microsoft 365 offers a range of advanced security features to protect your data from external threats? Two-factor authentication can reduce the risk of hacker attacks by 99.9%. Microsoft 365 users can also benefit from Defender, an application that helps safeguard data and devices. Conditional access policies set conditions that must be met before granting access to specific content. Take a moment to consider if you're fully utilizing these security measures provided by Microsoft. If not, start using them to ensure that your documents and corporate information stay out of unauthorized hands.

Underutilizing Built-in Productivity Enhancing Applications

Microsoft 365 users have access to numerous add-ons that can streamline work and boost efficiency. Some of these valuable applications include:

  • To-Do: Helps you plan and organize tasks within specific deadlines.
  • Planner: Enables task planning and assignment within teams.
  • Bookings: A tool for scheduling appointments, allowing clients to reserve convenient meeting times via a shared calendar link.
  • Forms: Facilitates the creation of surveys, polls, and tests, making it the ideal way to gather feedback from clients or partners. How many of these applications are you currently using to enhance your productivity?

Failure to Optimize Costs

There are ways to reduce the cost of using Microsoft 365 in your business. One simple method is opting for an annual plan instead of monthly payments, which can lead to approximately 20% in savings. Additionally, consider the benefits of shared mailboxes, which enable convenient team collaboration within a single shared mailbox. You might find that one shared mailbox suffices instead of creating multiple individual ones.

Forgetting About Backups

While Microsoft does provide backups to some extent, they may not always be sufficient. Microsoft recognizes this, which is why their terms of use recommend that every organization using Microsoft 365 should seek external support for backup solutions. Ensuring that your data is securely backed up is essential to protect your business from data loss.


If you've managed to avoid these common mistakes, congratulations! However, if you're looking to further harness the potential of Microsoft 365, reach out to experts who can help you unlock even more benefits. Additionally, explore how Microsoft 365 applications can support your work within the Dynamics 365 Business Central system to maximize efficiency and productivity.