Plan production in the company - use visualizations and graphical schedules

Manage data. Make the right business decisions. Increase the operational efficiency of your company. Create Gantt diagrams and visualize data in the form of trees and networks.

Netronic - Visualizations supporting management

Netronic is a leading provider of data visualization software in the form of Gantt charts, trees or networks. Visualizations of complex company, production and planning data help in making the right business decisions. The software is completely adapted to the Microsoft environment, which favors integration with many systems, in particular with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Thanks to interactive additions dedicated to Dynamics NAV, planning and scheduling processes are transparent and easy to understand.


Additions to visual planning:

Visual Production Scheduler (VPS)

add-in fully integrated with the production module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. VPS gives the user an interactive visual production plan that supports him in production management and making the right decisions.

Better understanding - see production orders, dependencies, deadlines and resource loads in one place, in a visual form.

Increased operational efficiency - transparency of the processes enables NAV users to react quickly in case of an unplanned event.

Fast return on investment - users do not need training to use VPS, they can start working immediately after configuring the add-in.

Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS)

add-in integrates with the tasks and resource planning module. VJS provides the user with project and resource scheduling, allowing for intuitive tasks scheduling.

A quick look - the task module often stores data deep in the table hierarchy - the add-in allows you to view all data in the form of Gantt charts.

Understanding dependencies - transparency and visual presentation of data related to the project and resources allows for efficient capture of all dependencies and conflicts in the schedule.

Easier operation - planning and creating clear and understandable schedules using the VJS add-in is very simple - everything can be done by "drag-and-drop".

Visual Service Scheduler (VSS)

the add-in is related to the planning of services and resources in the system. VSS allows you to plan service orders, product lines and resources using the "drag and drop" method.

Order management - VSS allows you to visually manage all orders and assign them to the appropriate resources.

Resource management - add-in allows assigning service orders to resources and resource groups. Management is supported by a histogram.

The management of SLA - VSS, in a visual way, signals delayed orders.




Add-ins are based on the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality and do not require any changes to existing facilities

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