Continia Document Capture

Improve the flow of documents in your organisation. Automate invoice registration processes, define clear approval paths and archive documents in a safe place. Join the group of companies that have already chosen and use the Continia Document Capture solution.

Continia document capture ocr dyanmics 365 business central
OCR Dynamics 365 Business Central

What is Continia Document Capture?

Continia Document Capture is 100% integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV add-on, based on OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition - text recognition from a scanned document).

In conjunction with the Business Central system, Continia Document Capture allows you to scan invoices and other documents at the time of their receipt. The solution ensures automatic registration of documents and their full-text search directly in the ERP system.

Document processing in Continia Document Capture

  • Documents are sent to the company in paper or electronic form, in commonly known formats: .pdf and .xml;
  • A paper document is scanned with a scanner, integrated with Dynamics NAV / Business Central, after which an electronic document is automatically downloaded by the system;
  • The document is processed by the OCR system, which attempts the initial preparation of data for processing in the ERP system;
  • After the accuracy of the data is checked, the document is registered in the system and sent for approval;
  • After approval, the document is ready for posting and archiving.
Document+Capture ocr
OCR system Dynamics MS

Automatic registration of documents in the ERP system

Scan purchase invoices directly into your ERP system using local or network scanners

Automatic download and registration of PDF documents

Recognition of all characters, regardless of language or dialect

Processing of secured files

Automatic recognition of suppliers registered in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV

Dynamics 365 Business Central zapowiedź wiosennej aktualizacji

Transparent authorisation paths

Easy configuration of accepting users, depending on: supplier, dimensions and invoice amounts

Extensive control options: VAT amounts, payment terms, etc.

Matching the order to the purchase invoice, with the possibility of automatic acceptance of the invoice with a specific value

Row-level dimension and general ledger account adjustment by accountant and approved user

nowe funkcje w business central

Digital document archive

The ability to open an original document from anywhere in the system

Indexing documents according to the date of successively added account numbers or dimensions

Full-text search of original documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV

Continia Document Capture in practice

The official demonstration effectively highlights the functionality of Continia Document Capture.

Features available in Continia Document Capture modules.

    • Automated setup & configuration
    • OCR recognition
    • Batch processing and registration
    • Fraud check
    • Create invoices and credit memos
    • Handles all XML formats
    • Continia Delivery Network
    • Dedicated email addresses
    • Manual split and merge
    • Configurable templates and fields
    • Full document archive
    • Drag-and-drop
    • Export documents (for audits)
    • Split amounts by dimension
    • Create G/L lines without vendor account
    • Apply deferral codes
    • Check dimensions in registration
    • View embedded PDF files
Order Matching
  • Automated matching
  • Matching on totals
  • Matching line-by-line
  • Matching overview
  • Add and split order line
  • Variance handling
  • Serial number match
  • Multi-document match
  • Vendor shipment & order number match
Document Approval
  • Web Approval Portal
  • Automated approval
  • Approval flows
  • Approval sharing
  • Four-eyes approval
  • Forcing approval
  • Documents on hold
  • Out of office
  • Forwarding documents
  • Validation
  • Permissions
  • Full audit trails
  • Purchase allocations
  • Intercompany purchases
  • Approve purchase & return orders
  • User-specific approver list
Purchase Contracts
  • Manage recurring costs from one place
  • Register invoice as contract invoice
  • Review contracts
  • Auto-approve recurring invoices
  • Easy overview of renewal dates
  • Email notifications for review
  • History and statistics right at hand
Advanced Capture
  • Line recognition
  • Automatic line calculation
  • Process all document types
  • Automated split and merge
  • Company identification
  • Auto-check line item prices
  • Create & update purchase orders
  • Prepayments
  • Assign item charges

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