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Extend Business Central with functionalities created for your company

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, Aptean Food and Beverage ERP was created with the specific challenges faced by companies in the food and beverage industry in mind. It was created by people who know this industry and its characteristics. It is successfully used by companies involved in growing vegetables and fruits, fish and meat processing, producers of ready meals, caterers, bakeries and many others.

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The Aptean solution extends the basic functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central incorporating solutions that meet the needs of companies in the food industry related to, such as: advanced quality control, identification of raw materials, operation of processing machines, weight variability or transport. By implementing ERP Aptean Food & Beverage you will improve traceability, process automation, reporting and real-time data collection. You will also gain much more control over your supply chain, partner relationships and financial data.

Key benefits of Aptean Food & Beverage solution

  • Total supply chain transparency which allows you to track raw materials throughout the supply chain. Associated data such as country of origin, expiration date or grade can be saved or updated at any stage.
  • Safety and Compliance Control. Make sure all allergen-containing products are properly labelled and production lines are contamination-free. Thanks to this, your company's activities will be carried out in accordance with applicable regulations and audits and inspections will become a formality.
  • Efficient warehouse operations that allow better management of your warehouse space, superior inventory accuracy and maximised throughput. More accurate raw material usage information and the ability to track products is readily available.
  • Optimised food cycle to gain control of operations and better manage every step of production, from R&D and costing to planning and processing. Manage important documents through a convenient digital platform. Take advantage of intelligent forecasting systems that provide information for planning and production.
  • End-to-end quality control: automate control over factors such as temperature, size, shape and consistency of products. Enter quality assessment sheets to ensure that all your products meet standards.
  • Access to real-time information and data that is instantly updated in the system, allowing you to quickly identify and resolve errors. Learn what works and what doesn't with data visualisations. Make more informed decisions instantly by taking advantage of new market opportunities and improving or replacing underperforming products.
  • Automatic updates means you always have the latest version of the system at your disposal and never miss anything new.
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