N24 Core Manufacturing

N24 Core Manufacturing is a set of functionalities which extend the operation of the production module in the Business Central system.

Produkcja Dynamics 365 Business Central

What problems does N24 Core Manufacturing solve?

The solution extends the capabilities of the production module in the ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central system. NAV24 created Core Manufacturing based on our implementation experience with production companies.

Who is the solution for?

The solution is dedicated to companies from the manufacturing industry using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

Key Benefits

  • Use additional locations. After completing the route number, the system will automatically fill in the locations downloaded from the workstation;
  • Production order line suggestions. When completing the Order No. in the production log, the system will make suggestions in cases where the production order contains only one line;
  • Verify production log lines. During production log registration, additional verification of data related to recording downtime, changeovers, operations and shortages will be performed;
  • Automatically assign batch numbers. Automatic creation and assignment of batches, based on the production order number;
  • Block manual lines of a production order. Ability to block manual insertion/interference in lines of unfinished production orders;
  • Verify route association code. Additional verification that all components in the BOM have a route association code assigned;
  • Check BOM, Route and Location Code. Additional confirmation during processing production orders or lines that BOM's, route and warehouses have an assigned code;
  • Possibility of attaching a Microsoft Power BI to the work nest view.

N24 Core Manufacturing in practice


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