N24 Advanced Inventory

Quick and convenient assessment to current warehouse stock levels and instant preview of inventory transactions from the document line level.

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What problems does N24 Advanced Inventory solve?

The N24 Advanced Inventory solution allows users to easily view current stock levels in warehouses, while filling in document rows related to warehouse turnover. This is completed without the need to stop filling in document rows or obtaining additional verification of stock levels using other dedicated system functions.

Who is the solution for?

The solution is intended for manufacturing companies that use the warehouse module in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate assessment of whether the current stock level is sufficient to complete the transaction.
  • The ability to assign colours to document lines to further facilitate the assessment of inventory. System users can define the colour of the font corresponding to defined quantitative thresholds. For example: green when there is sufficient stock, yellow when partially fulfillable, and red when the transaction cannot be fulfilled.
  • Possibility to configure your own field with inventory list in documents and proper method of its calculation.
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1. Faster document entry time.
2. Easy assessment of the possibility of document implementation, related to warehouses and stock index (inventory variant).
3. Reducing the number of errors document lines.
4. Streamlining the work of warehouse employees, who receive properly prepared orders.
5. Visual warnings about lack of/sufficient stock.

The N24 Advanced Inventory extension is available in Microsoft AppSource

Zobacz N24 Advanced Inventory bezpośrednio na Microsoft AppSource. AppSource to miejsce, w którym można znaleźć oficjalnie zatwierdzone przez Microsoft rozszerzenia funkcjonalności aplikacji.

N24 Advanced Inventory

advanced inventory

The Advanced Inventory extension provides a user-friendly and comprehensive overview of the current inventory availability for each item, location, and variant.

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