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Quick and error-free completion of documents is possible with our N24 Document Generator app. The solution will save your employees a lot of time and minimise the risk of errors. In addition, all documents will be consistent and stored in a secure cloud.

Generator dokumentów
aplikacja generator dokumentów

About the N24 Document Generator app

We have noticed that in many companies, the amount of time spent on completing documents is a significant burden. Employees, instead of focusing on productive activities, spend hours on various types of form filling. Additionally, mistakes are more likely when rewriting data and using different templates. This can be the cause of financial losses.

What problems can the N24 Document Generator app address?

The N24 Document Generator application allows you to deal with the above-mentioned problems. It is intended especially for employees who are responsible for drawing up and completing contracts. The application can significantly speed up work and organise the appearance and storage of documents. The solution also helps protect your business from legal issues, caused by inaccurate content, or commonly overlooked mistakes.

Functionality of the N24 Document Generator

  • The ability to assign various contract templates to the application;
  • Autocomplete fields of documents for existing clients;
  • A list of recently prepared documents, by a specific user, with the option of viewing and/or downloading them;
  • Automatic saving of documents in one place, in editable and .pdf format
  • Automatic sending of a newly created contract to the indicated e-mail address, for faster delivery to the customer.
generator dokumentów N24 Document Generator
Generator dokumentów aplikacja

N24 Document Generator App in use

Let's see in the example below how Mr Smith uses the N24 Document Generator application in practice.
1. NAV24 Ltd has established cooperation with a client whom it will provide an ERP system license to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
2. Mr Jones, who is responsible for administering and drawing up contracts, launches the NAV24 Document Generator application.
3. Mr Jones then selects the appropriate document template - in this case a subscription order document.
4. Customer data is entered and saved for later use in the service contract. The contract is automatically generated.
5. The agreement is saved in the cloud (document library on SharePoint) and automatically sent in .pdf format to Mr Jone's e-mail address.
6. The document can be printed or send to the client right away.

See how the N24 Document Generator operates in practice


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