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The N24 OEE Report displays manufacturing key performance indicators on a continual basis. It enables quick identification of possible problems and causes of downtime, allowing immediate corrective action. It is a source of necessary information, especially for Production Managers and the Management Board.

Raport OEE Power BI
raport oee Power BI

What is the N24 OEE Report?

One of the main challenges of manufacturing companies is maximising the efficiency of production machines. Even single minutes have an influence on the financial results of a company. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) first appeared over 30 years ago and now belongs to the global standards for monitoring production efficiency.


Manual development of OEE reports is time-consuming, and the data at the time of analysis is often outdated. Utilising Microsoft Power BI allows data from various sources (e.g. ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, MES system, relational databases) to be delivered on a continual basis, with analysis taking place in in real time. Power BI provides the possibility of analysing data from general monthly trends to detailed daily data or even a given shift.

Based on frequently encountered processes in manufacturing companies, conversations with customers and good analytical practices, our Power BI specialists have prepared the N24 OEE Report. It is a response to real problems and needs in enterprises. It enables ongoing observation of key data in the production process. Thanks to this, instead of wasting time manually preparing a report, you can spend it on analysis, drawing conclusions and making specific decisions.

Basic performance measures included in the report:

  • Availability - 24 hour monitoring of production machines provides practical, usage data.
  • Efficiency/productivity - indicates how much we have produced on the machine in a given time unit, in relation to the plan, and whether the assumptions have been met or not.
  • Quality – the quantity of scraps/waste in relation to produced products.
nav24 raport oee
OEE report

Strony raportu N24 OEE Report

Page 1 – KPI

The first page of the NAV24 OEE Report contains key information about the status of the production process, including the following specific data:
• Number of components produced
• Scheduled number of components to be produced.
• Number of rejects.
• Productive and unproductive hours.
• OEE over time
• OEE by machine
• Percentage of OEE ratios.

availability oee report
Page 2 – Availability

The next page provides data on the consumption of production hours:

• Actual hours by machine
• Failures of individual machine
• Losses incurred during changeovers
• Information on the causes of failure.
• Machine availability by month and day.

productivity oee report power bi
Page 3 – Productivity

Contains detailed information on productivity and production efficiency with the ability to filter by time and machine group:

• The quantity of semi-finished/finished products produced by machines and work shifts.
• Performance of individual machines.
• Machine performance over time.

quality oee report microsoft
Page 4 – Quality

Provides detailed information on key quality parameters:

• Quality in percentage by machine.
• Shortages by machine.
• Number of shortages by shift code.
• Number of rejects by reason code.

How does the N24 OEE Report work in practice?

The OEE report provides the possibility of analysing existing efficiency, in some cases this avoids the necessity of purchasing new production machinery. In numerous cases NAV24 has encountered situations where companies were considering the purchase of additional machines, due to a lack of capacity, when in fact, based on production data and with the support of our consultants, an OEE report was prepared in Power BI.

The report provided access to data on the efficiency of individual machines in real time. For example, it turned out that in an 8-hour shift, the machine was out of service for 1.5 hours due to a breakdown, for 1 hour due to scheduled maintenance, and for half an hour due to a break. The conclusion was that the machine only available 60% of the time. The implementation of the N24 OEE Report provided up-to-date information on the situation and made it possible to take appropriate corrective actions. Thus expensive and unnecessary machine purchases were avoided and productivity increased.


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