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Say goodbye to limitations, notify your IT department of errors, and automate what can be automated with an extension that enhances the operation of Job Queues in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Expand Standard Functionality

Improve the performance of your job queues. Simplify management, receive real-time notifications of queue-related issues, and make your system work more efficiently, requiring less effort from your employees.

What is a Job Queue?

A job queue is a scheduling system that automates tasks running at specified intervals or specific times. It eliminates the need for manual user intervention, operating smoothly in the background. Although Business Central includes this functionality in its basic version, it has its drawbacks...

Issues with Queue Functionality

  • Queues require manual interaction after an error occurs.
  • Lack of notifications about errors.
  • Need to switch between companies.
  • Requires technical knowledge.

Most Common Problems We Solve

1 My data hasn't been updated because the queue encountered an error, and unfortunately, nobody was aware of it, leading to a halt in its operation.

We automatically restart the queue upon encountering an error. Additionally, we send an email notification to selected recipients.

2 I use an external e-commerce platform, syncing data through queues. I want to ensure data accuracy and promptly inform my IT department in case of any errors.

We automatically initiate restarts for all queues that encounter errors and promptly notify the IT department with precise error details, ensuring faster issue resolution.

3 Having multiple companies makes it time-consuming to work with queues in all companies.

We've designed a user-friendly page where you can easily view queues in all companies, with complete settings and error messages.

4 I currently manage over 100 queues across all companies in the system. Is manual setup required for email notification recipients?

Effortlessly assign email recipients for all queues across all companies with just one action. From then on, designated email recipients will receive error notifications for all queue-related issues.

Why Choose Advanced Queues?

Increase efficiency with provided tools.

Simplify queue management between companies.

Improve data synchronization with external services (Shopify, Polish KSeF, WMS, etc.).

Minimize the workload for employees.

Avoid penalties for the lack of document synchronization to Polish KSeF due to queue errors.

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N24 Advanced Queues

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