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Is conducting an inventory of fixed assets in your company a tedious duty? Our application can make the task much more efficient, and less time consuming. Saved time can be utilised for more productive activities.

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Streamline your inventory with the N24 Inventory App!

An important aspect of corporation accounting is the inventorisation of fixed assets. Its purpose is to determine significant discrepancies and to trace the history of fixed assets. It is generally completed by manually collecting values, which are then compared against data in the accounting department. Manual inventorisation is time-consuming and prone to errors, especially with large amounts of fixed assets. Our application simplifies this process and reduces the risk of mistakes.

How will the solution help?

The N24 Inventory App allows you to quickly conduct an inventory of fixed assets in your company. Users can simply introduce fixed assets, liquidate selected ones and perform their cyclical inventory. The processing time is shortened, and at the same time the risk of errors is reduced. The solution is based on Microsoft Power Apps and can be operated from a phone or tablet equipped with a camera.

Key features of the N24 Inventory App

  • Fast stocktaking with NFC technology makes it possible to connect an NFC chip to a fixed asset and utilise a standard smartphone/tablet to read the data contained on the chip. An Inventory Printout is automatically generated for us, which is saved in the document library in SharePoint Online;
  • The possibility of entering new fixed assets, including: date of purchase, date of acceptance, number of the acceptance document, KŚT symbol, value of the fixed asset, location assignment (warehouse, hall, room), etc;
  • The ability to assign an NFC chip to a new fixed asset for fast inventorisation;
  • The ability to verify owned fixed assets, filter and delete them.
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N24 Inventory App in use

1. Mr Smith accepts new fixed assets to his company.
2. Details are entered into the system, such as: date of purchase and receipt, and the number of the receipt document.
3. After entering the data, Mr Smith assigns the NFC chip to the system and attaches it, in the form of a sticker, to the fixed asset.
4. The new fixed asset is a replacement for an older one, therefore Mr Smith liquidates the fixed assets to be removed.
5. Mr Smith is able to simply perform a cyclical inventorisation by simply holding the company's smartphone close to the devices.
6. After passing by the last fixed asset, Mr Smith will have an automatically generated inventory printout.


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