N24 Project Management App

N24 Project Management App is an application based on Power Apps that works with other Microsoft 365 ecosystem services . This app has been designed for companies that already have a Microsoft 365 plan, that includes cloud services, but the Planner tool is not sufficient to support ongoing projects.

Aplikacja do zarządzania projektami
Zarządzanie projektami - aplikacja project magement

Are you looking for a simple application for efficient project management?

Many project companies, due to their specificity, do not always require advanced IT tools. In most cases, a simple solution that is based on proven technology, allowing for minor changes, may be ideal. The N24 Project Management App was created for such companies.

What is the function of the application?

The solution allows you to create projects, define tasks and assign them to employees within the assumed budget. Employees see their tasks, deadline, status and budget, for which they can register working time. Based on this information the, Project Manager is able to verify the costs incurred for a given task and the entire project, as well as granting the employee a bonus, if the task is completed ahead of schedule. All information is stored in the form of SharePoint lists to which specific permissions can be defined.

Key Benefits

  • Records of implemented projects;
  • Constant monitoring of work progress;
  • The ability to verify the profitability of a given project / task, as well as the employee's efficiency, through time registered for a specific task;
  • The ability to set a bonus depending on the budget used for a given task;
  • Saving clients and contacts for reuse when creating new projects;
  • Integration with other Microsoft 365 cloud services.
7. Pan Michał nie zdążył zrealizować zadania w jeden dzień, więc wchodzi w jego szczegóły następnego dnia, widzi, ile do tej pory czasu zarejestrował, realizuje zadanie i rejestruje czas ponownie. Jeśli przekroczy budżet otrzyma informację w postaci czerwonego znacznika. Gdy zrealizuje zadanie – przechodzi do następnego.</br>

N24 Project Management App in practice

1. John Smith - CEO at Techflex – has agreed to work with a new client.
2. Mr Smith launches the application and creates a new project, filling in information, such as: project name, customer and contact details. The entered data is saved so that when implementing another project for the same client, it can be selected from the list.
3. In the next step, Mr Smith selects tasks from the available ones (pre-defined task templates), as well as has the option of defining non-standard ones. The application immediately assigns the project to specific employees, while defining deadlines and hourly budgets.
4. Mr Smith is then able see the summary of the project and change task statuses. He then proceeds to monitoring the progress of activities.
5. At the time of assigning tasks, Mr Jones, an employee of Techflex Ltd, receives an e-mail notification about a new task with its details.
6. Mr Jones opens the application, where his tasks are visible, and inpects specific ones to familiarise himself with the details. Once the project has been completed, he registers his working hours.
7. Should Mr Jones not manage to complete the task in one day, he has the ability to keep track of his recorded time and, if necessary, update the working hours again. If he exceeds the budget, information will be displayed. When a task is completed, the system will automatically assign a new project.


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