N24 Financial Management Dashboard

An up-to-date and clear perspective of your company's financial situation is essential for effective management on all levels. Our data analysis specialists have prepared a report in Power BI, which allows you to track the financial position of a company on an ongoing basis. The source of the report data is from the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Financial dashboard power bi

What is the N24 Financial Management Dashboard?

The N24 Financial Management Dashboard has been developed in response to numerous inquiries from our clients. Companies expect reports that provide quick and convenient access to current information on their company's financial position. The report is an interactive visualisation of data collected on the basis of entries in the Business Central system accounts. Its core is the generally applicable profit and loss account, which is the basic component of the company's financial statements.

Who is the N24 Financial Management Dashboard for?

The report is intended especially for the management board, managers, accountants and employees responsible for controlling company activities. The N24 Financial Management Dashboard provides the function of opting out of manual preparation of reports, which are often outdated at the time of analysis. Thus, you will save a lot of time spent on routine activities and always have current information, not only on the overall financial result of the company, but also on the effectiveness of its individual elements of activity. The report can be configured to contain data from previous years. The enabling of quick and comparative analysis is available, if we add information about forecasts or budget to the databases in Power BI. Convenient navigation allows you to efficiently switch to a specific period, e.g. monthly, quarterly or annually. You can quickly filter the data and navigate, for example, from the name of the category or group of costs to the account number, and even reach a specific invoice.

Key functionality of the N24 Financial Management dashboard

  • Continual monitoring of the actual financial position of the company.
  • Saves time and money. Manually preparing a report in spreadsheets can take up to a working day.
  • Transparency and readability of information. We are fully aware of the source of the entries in the accounts.
  • The ability to quickly navigate details - expanding to the level of the GL account or single invoice.
  • Automatic download of information from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central ERP system.
  • Reliability - no risk of making mistakes in data preparation.
  • Identification of the main causes of financial or production losses, which prevents further compounding the situation.
  • Tracking trends, whether positive or negative, always be informed.
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