N24 Employee Audit App

Would you like to check if employees meet the standards set by your company? The N24 Employee Audit App is the ideal solution!

audyt pracowników aplikacja

Inspiration behind the N24 Employee Audit App

Mrs Smith, an HR specialist in one of the companies we serve, periodically conducts an audit of the consulting department, to verify whether individual employees comply with the standards set by the company. She wanted to digitise and streamline this process and commissioned NAV24 to create a solution.

Who is the application for?

The application supports managers of HR departments in auditing employees. Data can be conveniently recorded, collected and the results of their work assessed over set periods of time. The solution is based on Microsoft Power Apps technology.

N24 Employee Audit App functionality

  • The application randomly selects the employee to be audited, there is no recurring pattern and no way of predicting who will be audited
  • When all questions are answered the auditor sees a comprehensive summary
  • The audit summary is saved to a SharePoint list and sent as an e-mail to specific people. This allows you to see the results immediately, as well as editing them in Excel.
audyt pracownikow aplikacja

Key benefits of the N24 Employee Audit App

Digitising the process of conducting audits, quick access to information for a wider group of people and the possibility of its further, efficient processing (sending, analysis, etc);

Automatic saving in a central location in the cloud - the results of all audits are in one place, available only to specific people;

The application is based on Microsoft Power Apps and is accessible from any device with internet access


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