N24 Sales Report

In most companies, sales data is the key parameter that can be analysed in depth. Unfortunately, salespeople, directors and managers have limited access to up-to-date and legible information. Is there a way of keeping sales reports always up to date for convenient data analysis?

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N24 Sales Report

The vast majority of companies have a problem with sales reporting. CRM and ERP systems do not always have the right tools to generate functional reports with real time data. Paradoxically, up-to-date and reliable reports are crucial in assessing the effectiveness of a company's sales processes. They also facilitate the work of salespeople, who are able to have a clear indicator of potential targets. We have created a report in Microsoft Power BI that solves this problem.

Who is the N24 Sales Report for?

The N24 Sales Report contains a set of clear dashboards with the most important information on sales broken down by sales channels, regions and individual salespeople. Most of the data contained in the report is expressed by means of charts and tables that create understandable and legible content for the recipient. The data is organised by category, e.g. time range, area, customer or sales representative. The report provides not only quantitative data relating to sales, but also to the cost of sales. The solution is intended especially for employees who are responsible for managing, selling and settling bonuses.

Effective sales analysis in Power BI

  • Access to up-to-date data and complex sales analysis;
  • Clear and functional monitoring of progress in achieving set business goals;
  • Graphical representation of risk factors, enabling quick responses;
  • Multi-currency - with one click you can quickly change the currency to, e.g. GBP/EUR/USD;
  • Ability to analyse not only sales values ​​and quantities, but also sales costs;
  • Sale in depth – allows you to freely define the analysis criteria and the level of data generality;
  • The RLS function (Role Level Security) - provides access to specific information, depending on the permission level.
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N24 Sales Report in practice

What are the key benefits of the N24 Sales Report?

The N24 Sales Report is available online, from any place with Internet access, on all devices (laptop, tablet, phone). Information for Power BI is taken directly from the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, so there is no risk of human error when entering data, and the information is always up to date. Thanks to the possibility of defining authorisation levels, specific data can be visible only to indicated users. In practice, we can assign, for example, a commercial director access to all pages of the report, and salespeople only to specific pages or data. The solution can be modified, by our experts, both in functional and visual terms, with the possibility of adapting to the specific business needs of your company. The N24 Sales Report will provide more control over sales, allowing you to make more informed decisions.


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