N24 Project Time Tracking App

Reliable knowledge of hours worked in a project is extremely important to assess its profitability. For many companies supplying services, having access to reliable data is a challenge. Based on our experience of working with design companies, we have developed an intuitive application for recording working time with Microsoft technology at its core N24 Project Time Tracking App

Project Time tracking app
Rejestracja czasu na projektach aplikacja

Working Time Registration

Service companies usually use working time as the basis for settlement with customers. Information about hours worked is still often recorded in notebooks or local files, which makes access to them limited and prone to error. Reports on hours worked are sent weekly or monthly, hence managers do not have access to real-time data. In addition, project managers often manually transfer information about worked hours to their invoice issuance software.


NAV24's solution is intended primarily for design, service and maintenance companies where there is a necessity to register working time in projects. In addition, as it's modifiable and adaptable to a specific business scenario, companies with a different business profile can also make use of the application. Another advantage is the fact that it is based on Microsoft technology. Thanks to this, an organisation with a Microsoft 365 subscription or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gains additional possibilities in terms of integrating these solutions together.

Features of the N24 Project Time Tracking App

  • Immediate reporting of budget overruns in a given project - the application will send a notification, when the budget is exceeded,
  • Possibility of automatically transferring data, relating to worked hours, to an ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or other solution.
  • Standardise and digitise time registration processes.
  • Register the performance of tasks is possible from any device (Android, iOS, Windows), anywhere in the world.
  • Eliminate errors resulting from incorrect or incomplete data entry.
Rejestracja czasu projektów aplikacja

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