N24 Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement

Streamline your financial reporting process, present your data with transparency, and make informed decisions with ease. Unlock the full potential of your financial statements now!

Business Central financial extension

Balance Sheet and P&L Statement: Streamline Your Financial Reporting with Accuracy and Efficiency

Presenting the results of your financial statements quickly and accurately is now easier than ever with Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement. A dedicated extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to create consistent and clear data presentations across periods, enabling you to make better financial decisions.

N24 Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement
- main advantages

  • convenient financial reporting: the extension allows you to easily generate financial reports. Reports are created using data already contained in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from daily operations, saving you time and effort;
  • customized report layouts: the advantage of the extension is its ability to present data in a clear and user-friendly way. Balance sheet and income statement reports are designed to offer a clear and easy-to-understand presentation of financial information, enhancing your decision-making process;
  • flexible temporal analysis: with the ability to compare data across periods, this extension enables you to gain insights into financial performance over a longer period of time. Whether you analyze data monthly, quarterly or annually, customized structure settings allow you to tailor the analysis to your specific needs;
BC extension finance
  • customized report layouts:the option to personalize report layouts allows you to present information exactly as you prefer. This not only improves the visual appeal of your reports, but also allows you to effectively highlight key elements of your reports;
  • Excel with customization allows you to export reports in Excel format which facilitates seamless data exchange and manipulation. In addition, you can customize Excel reports to meet your individual requirements, allowing you to deliver information in exactly the form you need to different stakeholders.
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Smart Balance Sheet and P&L Statement in Dynamics 365 Business Central

- create and personalize both reports to suit your preferences;
- instantly compile reports with specific comparative periods;
- generate Excel reports effortlessly, enjoying the flexibility to customize them according to your requirements.

N24 Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement extension is available on Microsoft AppSource.

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N24 Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement

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