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N24 Core Printouts - Manufacturing for Business Central system offers a set of prints in the production area. With them, you can scan barcodes, maintain consistency in document appearance, and ensure complete information throughout the production process.

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For which industries?

We target our solution to the manufacturing industry, especially to companies looking to improve the ease of working with prints associated with production processes.

The most common problems that N24 Core Printouts - Manufacturing solves

1 Lack of a single place where all necessary information about the produced inventory is located.

Standardization of processes by ensuring a consistent format and complete information in the form of prints of Production Order Cards.

2 Unclear production instructions for employees.

Ability to attach comments and detailed instructions to each print, providing employees with clear guidelines on how to execute orders.

3 Difficulty identifying a product based solely on its description or name.

Easier identification thanks to the attached visual image.

4 Low quality of the finished product not meeting company requirements due to lack of detailed instructions / employee knowledge of how the prototype product should look.

By providing an attached visual prototype product image, we reduce the number of errors and deviations from the norm.

5 Time-consuming manual searching for production orders in production registration systems.

Our added scanning capability speeds up the search process and reduces errors.

6 Work interruptions caused by technical problems.

We provide paper versions of production orders, allowing work to continue even in case of computer system access issues.

Benefits of implementing the solution

Optimization of Print Utilization:

increases the efficiency of using prints by adding scanning options and customizing displayed information.

Prod_Order_Reques Dynamics 365 Business Central

Universal Application

With the ability to print documents with barcodes in different configurations, we can fully utilize them with other existing solutions.


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