N24 Core PrintOuts – Cash

The solution is an extension of the N24 Core Printouts module, which gives the user of the system access to additional printouts related to cash transactions such as:
-- Cash report;
-- Cash Receipt;
-- Cash Withdrawal.
To fully utilize the functionalities related to cash management, the larger product – N24 Cash Management – allows us, but if we want to have the possibility of using only the printouts, this solution is perfect.

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For which industries?

The product will find application in any company that conducts cash transactions on a smaller scale, not requiring full support from the Business Central system, but only consistent and quick to prepare printouts.

The most common problems that N24 Core PrintOuts – Cash solves

1 Manually creating Cash Receipt and Cash Disbursement in Word or Excel for each cash transaction and cash reports outside the system is a time-consuming process.

Quick and efficient creation of printouts for cash receipt or disbursement for each cash register with a single click. For each entry in the selected cash register, using the Cash Receipt / Cash Disbursement generation action, we can obtain a consistent, fully ready-to-use printout.

2 Manually matching transactions by dates can lead to the omission of some records in the cash report.

The ability to filter documents by date facilitates the verification of completed transactions and eliminates the risk of missing any of them in a specified period.

3 Mixing records for different cash registers in one cash report.

Automatically generating a report for a given cash register eliminates the risk of incorrect data appearing on it. By generating a report, we are assured that all cash transactions assigned to the report directly pertain to the cash register selected by us.

Benefits of implementing the solution

Additional Printouts

Thanks to our solution, the user gains access to printouts related to cash transactions. This enables them to quickly and efficiently create printouts for cash receipts, disbursements, and cash reports. It eliminates the time-consuming process of manually creating documents.

Full-fledged Cash Reports

Reports containing all the required information, not requiring any additional modification. The automation of their creation process allows for the elimination of the risk of errors occurring during their generation.


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