A Production Company ERP System in 5 Weeks!

System ERP dla produkcji

Manufacturing BOX - our solution to your production needs.

At Nav24, we know that access to real-time production data is a key element for effective production management.

That is why, based on our experience with production companies, we have enriched the Business Central system, e.g. NAV24 Production Panel - an MES-class application that allows employees to enter production data directly in the production hall. By choosing the Manufacturing BOX together with the Production Panel, you will receive a solution that will cover the key areas of your business.

What distinguishes the implementation of the Business Central system in the Manufacturing BOX model?

raportowanie i analityka erp

A ready-made solution provides you with a quick start without additional costs related to modifications.

wdrożenie erp Business Central

The implementation model we have developed has proven itself in many production companies.

budowa rozwiązania po analizie przedwdrożeniowej

The implementation will provide the opportunity to learn the standard functionalities of the system, allowing development to be consciously chosen by the client.

korzyści z wdrożenia microsoft business central

Nav24 applications included in the Manufacturing BOX create a complete solution for manufacturing companies.

What does the Manufacturing BOX contain

Discovery workshop

The workshop aims to identify the company’s business needs and select the appropriate system components for implementation. It is also an opportunity to learn more about the Business Central ERP system.

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Implementation of the system

A complete ERP-class solution that combines key business areas: financial management and accounting, sales, purchasing, logistics and production. We have extended the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system with:

  • Manufacturing Pack – a set of functionalities extending and improving the operation of Business Central
  • Starter package of settings and parameterisation​
  • Automatic updates
  • Access to on-line training
Service support

The 5 hour support package will give you quick access to technical support, in case of problems. You will also be able to use the available hours for consultations and system development.

Implementation of the NAV24 Production Panel (optional)

MES-class application that allows the collection of data directly from the production area. Reliable data, provided in real time, facilitates efficient production management and dependable estimations of costs and risks.

The Production Panel is a flexible tool that we can adapt to the requirements of your company.

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Power BI reports (optional)

We provide prepared reports, covering sales and production, as well as customised reports according to individual company requirements.

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Discovery Workshop

The purpose of the Discovery Workshop is not only to get to know the project teams of both parties and to present the processes in the Business Central system, but above all to decide together whether Manufacturing BOX is for you.

The result of the workshop will be the scope of functionalities prepared by Nav24, including the implementation process. If we decide that the Manufacturing BOX is an insufficient solution, we can present the possibilities of expanding Business Central according to your needs.

2 days | 6 steps

The Discovery Workshop lasts two business days and takes place remotely


Determination of the main problems and business challenges and proposing IT solutions.


Analysis of the functional, business and technical requirements.


Determining the scope of the implementation project and making recommendations.


Recommendation of the form of licensing.


Project cost and schedule.


Launching a trial version of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Discover the included features of Dynamics 365 Business Central in our Manufacturing BOX

wdrożenie erp Business Central
Production management

Streamline the planning and management of your manufacturing processes with Dynamics 365 Business Central. The possibility of defining the product structure and technological processes allows for the handling of simple or more complex, multi-level production BOMs, and MRP planning sheets support users in planning semi-finished products and raw materials and materials needed for the production process.

oprogramowanie dla firm produkcyjnych
Finance and accounting

The financial module is a central place where financial transactions, connected with most company processes, are collected. The functionalities of the system allow managers to analyse historical, and current, financial data. Thanks to built-in budgeting and cash flow tools, supported by artificial intelligence, it's simple to streamline your production chain, from inventory to customer delivery.

wdrożenia erp
Sales management

Data from sales orders is the primary source of information regarding the current demand of customers for products and services, offered by your company. In Business Central, you can monitor the status of both new orders, and those in progress, reacting appropriately to the changing situation.

Purchase management

This module gives you the ability to control and monitor the purchasing process. Thanks to automated workflows and dynamically updated inventory levels, you will avoid unnecessary purchases and costs

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raport OEE

Manufacturing Pack

We have enriched the basic functionalities of the Business Central system with our Nav24 Applications, which will greatly facilitate the opening configuration.

By uploading ready-made extensions, prepared according to our best practices and experience, you will avoid the need to modify the system.

The extensions that we have included in the Manufacturing Pack are an integral part of the implementation project. Their inclusion results from practical tips from users submitting ideas for improving frequently performed and repetitive activities in the system or for functions facilitating insight into data.

In addition, you will receive a set of predefined templates of formal documents and reports, used during typical document exchange transactions with contractors or within the company. These documents have a unified graphic design. They also contain information that is not presented in standard reports.

Production panel - the next step in production management

The Production Panel is an optional element when implementing the Manufacturing BOX. It is an MES-class application for recording production data such as: operation time, downtime and changeover time, quantity produced, shortages or working time of employees.

  • Eliminate paper documentation – increase the efficiency of production employees and minimise the number of mistakes.
  • Data is reported in real time, so you can make important decisions quickly.
  • Get access to key information about products produced and production costs (time / downtime and shortages).
  • The production panel is integrated with the Business Central system and many other data sources.

ERP Implementation in 5 weeks! How do we do it?

wdrożenia erp

Discovery Workshop

Building knowledge

The workshop will determine the requirements of your company. Based on this workshop, we will determine whether the BOX project is suitable for your company or whether an alternative implementation scenario is necessary. We also use the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with the client's project team.


Implementation start

Week 1

At this stage, we will launch and pre-configure Dynamics 365 Business Central in the trial version. We will assign access to users and install the previously selected Nav24 Applications and the starting data package (Manufacturing Package).

budowa rozwiązania po analizie przedwdrożeniowej

Training and consultations

Week 1 - 3

System users will undergo training with regards to entering file data and handling processes. After the training, your task will be to enter the file data into the Business Central system. Our consultants will be on hand to provide support.


Initial values ​​and testing

Week 4

This stage starts with workshops on introducing opening balances (current values ​​and quantities) of inventory, which can be goods, products, raw materials. Together with key users, we will undergo functional tests. Preparation will then be made for the system to be launched.

erp produkcja


Week 5

Our consultant will assist you in posting the inventory opening balance and creating the first documents and transactions in the Business Central system. From this point your company will operate safely in the Business Central system, and we will provide constant substantive and technical support.

What is the estimated cost?

The total cost consists of the implementation service and the Microsoft licenses. The implementation project will be supervised by a dedicated Project Manager.

Implementation of the system with training videos:

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Including N24 extensions


Production panel




The monthly subscription cost will depend on the number of users and implemented modules.

Example 1

The company only uses the Business Central system.

erp produkcja

2 Business Central Premium users

erp produkcja

3 Business Central Team Member users

£ 650 /m-c

Example 2

The company only uses the Business Central system.

erp produkcja

2 x Business Central Premium users

erp produkcja

3 x Business Central Team Member

erp produkcja

2 x Production panel locations

£ 850 /m-c
business central manufacturing company dynamics 365

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