Turka Invest

From its humble roots as a tortilla production company in Turkey, Turka has transformed into a 21st century business with production lines across Europe. Their tortillas’ exceptional taste and unique texture, due to a combination of highly selective ingredients, received accolades from consumers and partners alike.

Humble beginnings to global powerhouse – Turka Invest  

Turka currently has more than 200 employees and operates in three modern production plants, occupying a total of 50,000 m2 open surface & 10,000 m2 of covered area. Turka products are sold in over 60 countries globally.  

Due to the dynamic development of the company, a significant problem arose relating to the scale, quality and reliability of the registered production data. Errors were found in the quantity of manufactured products, raw materials’ consumption, downtime and production shortages. 

At that time, the above data was manually entered into the ERP system, significantly extending the data recording process. The end result was prone to many erroneous entries. 

With the increasing demand for products supplied by Turka, it became necessary to expand warehousing. The increased capacity, in conjunction with the manual handling of warehouse releases and receipts, had a negative impact on the productivity of employees’ efficiency. 

The variety of suppliers, and multitude of purchase invoices, increased the difficulty of employees’ work. Purchase invoices were entered manually, resulting in an inefficient registering system where employees felt their work was not diminishing, rather the opposite. 

Additionally, the company expanded its operations to include a branch in Spain. Suddenly, it became necessary to collect data globally. It appeared that Turka Invest’s rapid expansion had come at a cost and the management board decided to take action to facilitate current and future growth. 

NAV24 takes up the challenge and proposes a long term solution 

The resulting cooperation with NAV24 led to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the SaaS version & Microsoft 365 in Turka’s headquarters. This initial step allowed for the standardization of production, logistics and sales processes. The Microsoft 365 solution brought users closer together, accelerating the processes related to communication and collaboration. 

A roll-out of the implementation was then carried out in the Spanish branch. The next step was to automate processes in individual areas of the company. 

Production and Warehouse Management Systems 

Working in conjunction with Business Central and PowerApps, NAV24 created a multilingual and multi-company application for recording production data and component wear in real time. 

Subsequent PowerApps applications made it possible to register the production of finished products (palletising) along with the printing of labels for finished products. Additionally, it is possible to manage and accept the finished products produced, as well as to register the consumption of components in the production of dough. 

The applications run 24/7 online. Collected data is analysed on an ongoing basis and, thanks to double approval, potential errors are detected immediately. 

Implementation of the Tasklet Factory solution allowed the company to register warehouse transactions directly from mobile terminals. Labeling of individual components was launched in order to more precisely identify raw materials. 

A further time-saving measure was decided upon with the implementation of the Document Capture Solution which automates the reading of invoices and their archiving. Thanks to this, the time of processing and approval of purchase documents has been shortened. The time required to search for original documents, in a vast archive, has been reduced to a minimum. 


The implemented solutions have resulted in an increase in the level of productivity, control of stock levels and reduction of failures: 

  • Production inventory accuracy increased to 97% 
  • Production plan realization increased to 95% - planned production time vs actual production time 
  • Quality claims due to wrong Bill of materials reduced to zero 
  • Machine failures reduced by 15% by on-time reporting on PowerBI 
  • Product and raw material traceability (Food safety requirement by quality systems and law) can now be completed faster than 4 hours 
  • Warehouse inventory accuracy is now 99.5% 
  • Raw material stock level has been reduced by 28% 

Transitioning to cloud based solutions provides the customer with full flexibility and control. Owing to this, further modifications are easily made. Moreover, access to real-time data enables immediate reaction in the presence of any irregularities. 

Turka Invest plans further expansion into global markets. Standardisation of production, sales and customer service processes will allow us to meet the challenges of multi-channel and international sales. 


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