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For 30 years, UNICARD S.A. has been providing solutions in areas such as personal identification and access control. The company also engages in the sale of ticketing systems along with service support. In addition, they are a software and electronics manufacturer. The enterprise employs over 100 staff at its headquarters in Krakow and regional offices in Warsaw and Poznan.

Company situation before implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central

Throughout its development, the company implemented various IT systems that covered selected areas of operation. Unfortunately, over time, the multitude of solutions that were not interconnected led to chaos and data dispersion. The systems in use were outdated, and attempts at optimization were not cost-effective. Effective process management became impossible. The organization lacked sufficient control over overdue payments, leading to losses. The decision-making process in the commercial area was prolonged due to deficiencies in the software used. Consequently, this extended the customer's waiting time for a quote. It was not uncommon for a sales representative to submit a production order that was unchecked for technological and cost viability, resulting in sales below production costs or with too low a margin.

ERP system selection

Unicard approached the topic of selecting an ERP system and implementation partner very diligently. At the beginning of their journey, they conducted thorough analytical work. These efforts aimed to identify the company's needs in terms of managing existing and future processes. The key was to find a comprehensive system that would meet the enterprise's needs not only in manufacturing but also in distribution and services. The company expected the system to offer thoughtful process management solutions. Unicard assumed that the best option would be to maximize the use of the ERP software's available capabilities and to make conscious modifications at a later date. Adapting to the system was, from their perspective, more beneficial than implementing many changes.

After analyzing the possibilities of nearly 50 ERP systems available on the market, Unicard chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the SaaS version. The extensive cloud offering was a significant factor influencing the decision. Unicard has been using cloud solutions for almost 10 years and does not own any servers. The company's long experience in data storage in the cloud confirmed their belief in the convenience and security of such a solution.

Implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central and its effects

The implementation of the Business Central system solved the problem of the lack of information flow and enabled monitoring of processes from A to Z. The integration of knowledge at the level of payments, finances, sales, and logistics allowed for a 40% time saving. The possibility of additional technical control of orders by the project manager eliminated the problem of sales representatives making unprofitable or unfeasible offers. In addition to saving money, the company reduced the number of complaints.

A very important change, from a business perspective, is the ability to control customers' creditworthiness, significantly lowering the risk of transactions. Before implementing Business Central, there were no procedures to protect against overdue payments. Now, the company can set credit limits and has procedures to ensure financial liquidity. As a result, the problem with overdue payments has been reduced to almost zero. Another revolutionary change was the introduction of electronic document circulation. Describing and accounting for documents became faster and easier. Advanced reports in Power BI contributed to a significant qualitative change in budgeting orders. The company has better cost control, allowing it to identify and counteract sales that were priced too low.

Unicard values the Business Central system for its ability to keep pace with the company's development. It is not a ready-made product but a platform that can be modified according to needs by adding more modules, options, or applications. This allows the enterprise to develop software functionalities according to growing needs. Meanwhile, individually customized dashboards make working with the system easier.

"We were looking for a Partner for whom we would be an important Client. During meetings with Nav24 representatives, we were assured that they are an experienced Partner who does not promise miracles but presents the possibilities, advantages, and disadvantages of this system realistically. Thanks to the ERP system, we have been able to centralize processes and analytical knowledge. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central covers our needs in all areas of the company's operations: manufacturing, services, and distribution. Currently, Nav24 also looks after our system. As part of support and service agreements, they help us update the system and further develop it. I would like to recommend Nav24 as a good business partner."

Tomasz Bednarski, President of the Management Board of UNICARD S.A.


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