Limit the amount of documents and control your office

Improve the flow of documents in your organization. Automate the invoice registration process, set clear acceptance paths and archive documents in a safe place. Join the group of companies that have already chosen and use the Continia Document Capture solution.

What is Continia Document Capture?

Continia Document Capture is a 100% integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-in, based on OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition). Thanks to cooperation with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, the software allows you to scan invoices and other documents when they are received. As the only solution on the market, Document Capture provides automatic document registration and full-text search directly in the ERP system.


Continia Document Capture features:

Automatic registration of documents in the system

Scan purchase invoices directly to the ERP system using local or network scanners

Automatic download and registration of PDF documents

Recognition of all characters, regardless of language or dialect

Processing of secured files

Automatic recognition of suppliers registered in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Transparent authorization paths

Easy configuration of accepting users, depending on the provider, dimensions and invoice amounts

Extensive control options: VAT amounts, payment terms, etc.

Adjustment of the order to the purchase invoice, with the option of accepting invoices of a certain value automatically

Correction of dimensions and general ledger accounts at the level of the line by the accountant and the approver

Digital archive of

The ability to open the original document from anywhere in the system

Indexing documents according to the date of successively added account numbers or dimensions

Full-text search of original documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Processing documents
in Continia Document Capture:


Documents go to the company in paper or electronic form, in commonly known formats: .pdf and .xml.

The paper document is scanned with the scanner integrated with Dynamics NAV; the electronic document is automatically downloaded by the system.

The document is subjected to the OCR process, which is intended to pre-prepare data for processing in the ERP system.

After checking the correctness of the data, the document is registered in the system and sent to the approver.

After approval, the document is ready for posting and archiving.


Take a look how it works:


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